21 Mar

Popover Recipe

We have everything you need to create popovers just like your childhood memories at Dayton’s Oak Grill … maybe even a little better.

23 Feb

Winter Grilling

Who doesn’t want hot flames on a cold day? That’s exactly when we are inspired to fire up the grill and get a little char on! With a bit of spring in the air, we’re taking our cooking outside and loving the hot grill experience … again. Welcome back to your backyard~ Grilled Winter Vegetables…

19 Feb

Simple Dutch Baby~

Ah, it’s Sunday morning and a perfect setup for a delicious, warm Dutch Baby! So simple, oh so tasty and comes together in, like, 5 minutes. Get ready, Baby, this is pure bliss!

6 Feb

For the love of nonstick

Why Non-Stick our customer ask. We’re here to tell you all the slippery details here by our In House non-stick pan fan and resident expert. Read more here and peruse the fan favorites~

31 Jan
Chef Phill Chef Instructor

Meet Chef Phill

Meet Chef Phill, Restaurant Chef turned Chef Instructor who likes to share and spend time with his family … when he’s not cooking with us.

19 Jan

Paella Recipe

Make dinner with abundance in a giant, or not so giant, paella pan! Cook like you’re a Spaniard and serve like you’re a pro~

Icons made by Lucy G from www.flaticon.com is licensed by CC 3.0 BY