Kitchen Connections – Social Events!

Cooks is taking the Virtual Happy Hour to a whole new Level! Connecting in the kitchen is in our DNA. We understand how important it is for folks to connect over food and come together with a common cause. A little learning, camaraderie and a whole lotta Fun! 

In our Kitchen Connections – Social Events! Events, cooking and connecting are a click and a screen away!

The set up is simple. You choose from a variety of tasty cooking and beverage options. We send a shopping list and schedule a time to connect your group with our chef. During the virtual meet-up we’ll do a demo, provide insights, answer questions and be there for your team while they share a fabulous experience. Everyone will have their cameras and mics on so it’s sure to be a raucous event!

How it works?

1. Select a date and time frame.
2. Select a menu.
3. Set up the virtual meeting and send it to guests.
4. Cooks will email over a shopping list, equipment list as well as recipes one week prior to the virtual event date.
5. Log into the Kitchen Connection virtual event and get rolling. 

If we have to shelter-at-home we might as well stay connected and have a good time.

If you are interested in scheduling a Kitchen Connection Virtual Event, or you’d just like a little more info, give a shout to or call 651.288.7238.