The Bellecour Bakery at Cooks Vanilla Crêpe Cake

The Crêpe Cake, as we know it in the Bellecour Bakery at Cooks in the North Loop, consists of 18 luscious layers of crêpe, yep. Each layer is filled with vanilla Chantilly cream. The layers and Chantilly are delicately assembled and stacked atop of each other before being topped with a final topping of cream and the best seasonal fruit we can get our hands on. Usually red raspberries. Oui!.

The Crêpe Cake has quickly become a customer favorite. It’s a spectacular alternative to standard cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, bridal showers and special occasion celebrations. All cakes can be preordered so you are sure to get the best exactly when you want it. Order here!

The Bellecour Bakery at Cooks has taken the humble crêpe and helped in its journey to become something unique. We produce seasonal combinations that celebrate the seasons.

Past flavors have included Apple Crumble, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Cookie Butter (holiday favorite!), Raspberry Cream, Key Lime and even Cake Batter! All seasonal flavors are announced and featured on our social media when they are ready to go.

Be sure to be the first to know by following us on Instagram and Facebook. so you can get a slice of each when they are ready to roll! We offer Vanilla all year long, all day long. All cakes are available as individual slices or whole cakes as a preorder.

All are delicious and not to be missed! See all of the pastry items available in the Bakery here.