Nothing like a culinary stuffed stocking!

Got a few stockings to stuff? Our team has pulled together some great stuff to stuff with. See their picks here, and your work is done~ Happy stuffing!

I love that we’ve brought back Carl the Snowman and this time with his buddy, Lil’ Carl (new this year!). My kids are going to love making their own personal-sized hot cocoa with Lil’ Carl, and we’ll make a bigger batch on New Year’s morning with Carl the Snowman. ~ Kelli A., Director of Merchandise Planning + Buying

Carl the Snowman
culinary stuffed stocking

Lemon Squeezer. There isn’t a meal we make that we fail to reach for this tool! ~ Karl, Owner and big idea guy

EuroScrubby. Just for the name, you need two, one for you and the gift you came in to buy. ~ Colleen P, buyer

*in-store only

Great stocking stuffer! Kuhn Rikon makes the ideal inexpensive paring knife. Throw it in your lunch bag/box, picnic hamper, or backpack. It’s light and comes with a sheathe, so add it to your gear for a hiking trip. Take it to the neighbor’s backyard or deck with your cheese board. And if it somehow makes its way into their kitchen, you’re not out a lot of money. It comes in many bright colors, making it easy to find in that incorrigibly messy kitchen drawer. ~Bob K, Retail Team Member

A Gift Card! Cuz sometimes having free money to spontaneously spend on the latest and the greatest or tastiest is amazing. (Plus it’s the best way to buy a cooking class for someone!) ~ Susie T, Cooking School, Event & Bakery Sales Director

staff best picks for gifting gift cards
culinary stuffed stocking Microplane Narrow Graters

Microplane Narrow Graters.Always need a couple of these for grating garlic, ginger, chocolate, cheese and anything nearby. ~ Marie D, Owner and Director of Retail

Garlic Peeler. As someone who doesn’t like to get her fingers sticky and smelly, the garlic roller is a magic tool for peeling whole cloves of garlic. ~ Olivia R, Marketing Manager

Wusthof Keychain Knife Sharpener. Handy pocket tool perfect for the person who likes to keep sharp all the time ~ Callie M, Retail Team Leader

*in-store only