We’ve loved Staub Cookware since it was only available in France. KB read about it in a tiny blurb in Metropolitan Home, a wonderful home and design magazine that went out of business many years ago. Matte black finish with a brass handle. Manufactured at a small factory near Colmar in France. Functional, simple, authentic and beautiful.

We met them at a trade show on the eve of their introduction to the U.S. We made sure that Cooks was among the first retailers to carry the line. We used them at home, we used them in the school, we sold them to our friends, we gave them as Christmas presents … 

In the ensuing years, Staub’s presence ebbed and flowed. Francis Staub, the namesake and founder, navigated all the challenges of being a small family operation. Ultimately, he sold his business to Zwilling, an international housewares company with all the experience and gravitas to bring financial stability and manufacturing prowess to his spectacular line of cookware.

Consistency improved while functionality and design stayed true to Francis’s original vision. We’ve never stopped being devotees of the line. It’s a great product that continues to evolve and impress.