Standard Sourdough Recipe

We’ve been baking lots of bread lately. By the loaf, the roll, the baguette and boule. One of our secret bread baking weapons? Start with the best ingredients and tools at the ready. We have included a few of our faves to get you started along with Chef Phillips’s Standard Sourdough recipe to get you baking~


  • 750g Water
  • 900g AP Flour
  • 100g Whole Wheat or Rye Flour
  • 225g Sourdough Starter
  • 23g Kosher Salt


Sourdough Starter is made by mixing equal parts (1:1) by weight AP Flour and water.


Sourdough Bread takes time and patience. The process from start to finish could take a full 24 hours so plan ahead. And that’s not including the nurture and attention that your Sourdough Starter craves like a new puppy!

The dough is going to be difficult to handle at first, but the payoff will be worth it. The more water we can use to hydrate the flour the more moist and tender of a crumb we will have as a finish product.

For me shaping can be the trickiest part as you are trying to shape the dough into a boule or batard shape without pressing out any (CO2) air bubbles that have slowly been developing.

Lastly and probably the most difficult is after baking the bread not cutting into it or break off a chunk right away and slathering it with EVOO or butter. Your house will smell incredible for the 45-50minutes it takes to bake. But make sure to let it rest at least 30 minutes before cutting into it.

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