We Stand With Our Community

A little over a week ago, we all bore witness to the reprehensible actions of a Minneapolis police officer, when he took the life of George Floyd. We watched in horror as community after community succumbed to violence and looting.

We Stand with our Community and We Stand for Justice.

When the chips are down, we all rely upon our core strengths and beliefs.

  • Cooks believes in Community. 
  • We believe in the Hearts of Minnesotans. 
  • We believe in Diversity. 
  • We believe in the Power of Peaceful Protest. 
  • We believe in the Spirit of Seitu Jones’ half-mile, community table extending the along Victoria Street in St. Paul. CREATE: The Community Meal
  • We believe in supporting community food shelves; they need our help now more than ever.
  • We believe in the strength and generosity of our neighbors. 
  • We believe in the faces around our table, looking back at us, as we say — and ask for — Grace before starting our meal.

We must find a better way. We will find a better way. We have Faith in Us. 

Black Visions Collective

List of Food Pantries for St. Paul

Second Harvest Heartland

Valley Outreach

Love and Peace,

KB and Marie

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