Sourdough by Chef Matt

It’s no secret that there are quite a few secrets in making a loaf of good sourdough bread. Our resident Sourdough Master, Chef Matt knows a thing or two about bread and he’s sharing a few tips and tricks in this post. Matt also teaches bread making classes, lots of bread is baking in our kitchens! Check out his latest here.
It’s impossible to make bread without all the cool tools that make bread that much more enjoyable to bake. Check out our faves here. Recently we added a Sourdough starter available in our stores and online. Our chefs swear by these.
Enjoy the story, register for a Matt class and get your bread-a-baking!

#1) Before you get started, collect your Mis en place and get organized! Matt likes to use; bench scrapper, Danish Dough Hook, lame, starter, parchment paper, mixing bowl, scale (accuracy is very important for ingredient measuring) and a thermometer.

#2) Evenly mix the blend of flours

#3) Add water
#4) Mix wet and dry ingredients and let hydrate for at least 30 min. Can hydrate overnight with helps create gluten and softens whole wheat flours.
#5) Pour starter into a well created in the flour mixture. Use 10-20% starter added to total volume of flour used. Starter should be fed 5hrs prior to using for dough.

#6) Mix in the starter
#7) Add salt
#8) Thorough mix of all ingredients; just before bulk fermenting begins

#9) Final shape before 2nd ferment (proofing). This happens after 3 hours of first ferment.
#10) Fold, repeat, fold, repeat, until the structure and shape begn to form. This helps in giving the loaf what it needs to get to its final rise. At room temp for 4-6 hours or in fridge for 10-14 hours. Fridge use, for longer, adds more flavor to bread.
#11) Loading into proofing basket. Helps give bread shape while as well as absorb moisture on the exterior. Add a bit of flour to sides to prevent sticking.

#16 Ta-Da!

sourdough by chef Matt

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