Shop this way

Ok people, this is serious … We’ve been working hard for months on creating safe and easy ways for you to shop with us during the Pandemic. This Holiday Season we’ve added a few more options to get you what you need.

Face to face, check. Face to screen, check. Completely contactless, check. Voice to voice, check.

Personal shopping by appointment: Call us and make an appointment for shopping in store before or after hours. Your assigned shopper will be waiting for you with pre-pulled selections o based on a quick conversation about what you’re looking for. Perfect for those who want to browse without crowds. Call 651.228.1333 to make an appointment. Appointments are available Monday – Friday 8 – 10 AM and evenings 6 – 8 PM.

Curbside Pick Up: Call and place an order with our store. We will meet you at your car with your items. So-o easy! Call 651.228.1333 to place an order for pick up.

Shop by Phone: Call us and we will take you on a tour around the store to find the perfect gift! *FaceTime with a team member is available so you can see all the options in store and ask as many questions as you like. Perfect option for those who are comparing products and have questions or a curious. Call 651.228.1333

Shop Online: As always our website is open for business. Shop in the complete comfort of your home, on your screen. All products ship with a standard $5 flat shipping fee, so that’s a deal. Be sure to order early for best availability and allow more time for shipping this year.