Pie to the rescue

Whether it’s pumpkin at Thanksgiving, Mincemeat for Christmas, or cherry on the Fourth of July, pie has become a traditional and celebratory American dessert. As the saying goes, “there’s nothing as American as apple pie,” and we feel like there’s nothing better than sitting down with family and friends, having left enough room for pie ala mode, is the perfect ending to a perfect meal. The crust, flakey and light. The filling, well, can be anything that gets you going. Just make it deliberate and make it good and everything else doesn’t matter. Worries of the day melt away when pie is present. That being said, why not make more pie? Who says it’s only for holidays or seasonally inspired. Why not pie every day? Don’t answer that, let’s just go with it … Yes! Pie everyday.

Here is one of our favorite crust recipes and pie filling recipes for fall. If you’re feeling a bit intimidated by making pie, check out one of our most popular classes all about pie. While there’s something about pie that makes us think of holidays and family gatherings, who says we can’t eat pie everyday? After all, the first pies were made with meat fillings instead of fruit, so that technically counts as a balanced meal, right?