The Bellecour Bakery at Cooks Pain au Chocolat

The Pain au Chocolat is a classic Viennoiserie sweet roll made of croissant dough with one or two pieces of dark chocolate in the center, made popular in the southwest part of France.

Further, more specific history and creation of the Pain au Chocolat has long been debated by different French regions and is still not completely known.

There is even discourse among different titles for the pastry we enjoy so much. A debate so significant that it made its way to French Parliament in 2018. To some, it is known as “chocolatine” and to others, “pain au chocolat,” a display of linguistic tension that surrounds our beloved and classic bakery essential.

Debate aside, we are certain of our gratitude to the person that had the excellent idea to merge dark chocolate with buttery croissant dough. Oui!

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