Meet the teachers

We’re ready to jump into a whole lineup of chefs at Cooks. Here to help you master the kitchen. Meet the teachers and learn about what they love to do best and sign up for a class or two. You can’t go wrong with this gold star chef lineup.

Wisconsin Supper Clubs, Minneapolis restaurants and hotels, Pam Sherman (those of you who’ve been around as long we have, will remember Pam) and Le Cordon Bleu have all been graced with the culinary wisdom of Chef Van. His résumé hails from a Midwestern sensibility — growing up in Wisconsin, cutting pastry with his mom and grandmother. But his insights extend far beyond: He’s cooked all over the world! We’re happy for all the fantastic contributions he’s made to our guests’ culinary explorations. Van is one of the Cooks who make it all work. Thanks, Chef Van. Check out all of Chef Van’s Classes.

Ranelle radiates charm and energy. No surprise. There’s a world out there to be discovered, and there are only so many hours in the day. Two of her passions: people and food. Her eyes light up when she’s helping people to discover the importance of placing healthy eating into the center of their lives. She’s a Licensed Dietitian, a Diabetic Educator, a Le Cordon Bleu graduate. Talk about a trifecta. She’s also engaging and kind. We think that’s a teaching perfecta! She’s a yogi, a traveler, a gardener and a knitter. All of these qualities make her an incredibly connected and inspired educator. She’s living her passions around food and healthy living and her Purpose is to help you find yours. Check out all of Chef Ranelle’s Classes.

Chef Tracy’s joyful enthusiasm for life in the kitchen is downright inspirational, nurturing and infectious. When Tracy’s in the kitchen you have no doubt that her love for food runs deep, and the way she invites everyone into our kitchen to play and explore only makes you feel more like family. Check out all of Chef Tracy’s Classes.

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CATEGORY: Meet The Team
DATE: 09 20 21