Meet Chef Antonio

He’s the real deal~
We love Chef Antonio for soooo many reasons; He’s a pasta and pizza making pro who has been at it since birth, no really. Born in Roma (we feel like we should refer to him as Antonio Maximus), so it’s in his blood. And he has been teaching with us for so long, we can’t even count the number of classes he has taught over the years. He’s legit. Learn a bit more about Antonio through our pressing questions below. Be inspired to register for any of his upcoming, delicious, cooking classes.

What was your childhood favorite food?
Linguine with clam sauce. Growing up in a Blue Zone Mediterranean island, healthy seafood and homemade pasta was a staple at my house.

What weird item do you have in your fridge?
Not too weird … BOTTARGA, which is a dry caviar, to be used grated as a secret savory ingredient and accompanied with pure soy sauce over pasta or rice.

Why do you like to teach at Cooks?
After 28 years teaching at Cooks, being in their kitchens is like an extension of my home and sharing my food culture among enthusiastic students it’s a fulfilling experience that I haven’t found anywhere else.

What kitchen tool you can’t live without?
Can’t live without a good set of sharp knives,  and …. a few different sized whisks to blend smooth sauces and dressings.


See all of Antonio’s upcoming classes here and register soon. His classes always have a waitlist.
Molto Bene!