Honing your knife skills

We’ve been teaching classes on how to wield a knife since 1973. You could say we’ve learned with the best of them. We know how important it is to have good cutlery with sharp blades to make any work in the kitchen a breeze, enjoyable and safe.
In our knife skills classes we teach the How To’s: how to properly hold a knife, keeps you cutting and shopping longer and more comfortably without stiffness or fatigue. We also cover how to chop, dice, mince, slice and selecting the best blade for each task. Along the cutting, chopping, slicing, mincing journey, you will be guided by a chef instructor in the creation of a delicious little something to nosh on. Reward for all of your hard work!

Keeping knives sharp is almost as important as how to use your knives. We cover this topic and offer hands on assistance in honing with a sharpening steel. Again, an indispensable skill in the kitchen and one you will use time and time again. Proper knife storage to keep utensils clean, sharp and out of the way of other tools will also be covered. You have options people!
These classes are fun and will provide a lifetime of education as you continue in your cooking journey~

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