Kids + Teen Cooking Camps

Almost all kids like to spend time in the kitchen. And most parents don’t have the time or patients to keep up with the mess! That’s where we come in; Kids and Teens in the kitchen is our sweet spot. We love watching new skills develop, getting our hands (and kitchens) dirty as we all roll up our sleeves and create.
In our camps and classes, designed specifically for kids and teens, are unique in that the curriculum has been created for specific age groups with age appropriate skills and menus executed in each class.

In each, they will learn the importance if kitchen safety, how to hold a knife so they will not hurt themselves or others, hand washing and sanitary kitchen practices. How to handle certain types of ingredients (yikes! never run your eyes while working with the spicy stuff).

We cover the basics of recipe reading and mise en place and then we get our hands dirty and begin the preparation of our recipe which becomes our meal for the day.

The wrap up becomes a celebration of what was learned and a feast. New friends are made and everyone leaves with new kitchen skills, awareness of what chefs really do and your budding chef can make you a meal at home!