January Crop Shares

Breakfast Pack from Fischer Family Farms:

Fischer Family Farms, in Waseca, MN has been a family business for five generations. Providing high quality pork to our local restaurant industry is what they do. Their herd is raised ala natural, without hormones or growth stimulants and in the fresh country air. This summer we’re offering two customer breakfast favorites: Bacon and Sausage. Yep, double whammy of goodness!

Imagine breakfast with pork, every day, all the time. Imagine your family giddy, all the time (well …). A variety of smoky bacons, juicy seasoned pork patties and links to keep them smiling and happy before hitting the trail for the day. Our Breakfast Pack from Fischer Family Farms is sure to get you to the best breakfast reviews in the neighborhood!
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Butter Pack from Rodolphe Le Meunier:
Two butters come in this irresistible share. If you’re feeling a bit salty or a bit sweet cream, this share is sure to deliver. These butters stop even the most butter discerning in their tracks. From the super-umami-meets-popcorn-butter flavor, to crunchy flakes of fleur de sel, Rodolphe Le Meunier’s Beurre de Baratte is not what you might call timid. We often describe it as “butter you could eat like cheese … “

This is a traditional churned (“baratte”) butter made using fresh Normandy cream, hand-molded, stamped with a cow and wrapped in gold foil. Each batch is sprinkled with French sea salt and then hand-molded to preserve the delicate texture, aroma and flavor of the butter. This is traditional European butter style, with a high percentage of butterfat, particularly good for baking but equally exceptional slathered on hot toast. Both butters are a real treat!
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Soup Bone Sampler from Peterson Craftsman Meats:
Soups on with this flavor-packed perfect selection of bones and parts to get you creating the best broth and soup base you can conjure up at home. Seriously rich in flavor and packed with a nutritious punch as well. Soup on!
Order now before soup season is over.

Winter Braiser Pack from Peterson Craftsman Meat:
Winter cooking is not complete without slow-simmering braises on long chilly evenings. This deluxe share from Peterson Craftsman Meats combines the perfect cuts for the most flavorful braises; brisket, Osso Buco and bone-In short ribs. Need we say more? Limited availability, so order soon.

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