Hestan is looking for a forever kitchen

We’re pretty excited to be adding Heston Cookware to our assortment of Cream-of-the-Crop offers. Hand-crafted in Italy, it combines beauty;
– unique curve of Nanobond’s sidewalls allow for 20% greater cooking surface than skillets of that same.
– smooth interior and exterior via thousands of titanium nanolayers that protect the cookware from stains and scratches
– ergonomic handles, easy on wrists and hands
– elegantly designed lids that top of each lidded piece.

Along with beast;
– cooking surface is 400% stronger than traditional stainless steel
-high heat tolerant to 1050 degrees (f), it delivers 35% greater heat conduction than aluminum clad cookware
– Delivers 35% greater heat conduction than aluminum clad cookware

Heston cookware combines all of the best qualities, technology and design to delver an exceptional and elevated cooking experience everytime you cook! La docle vita!!

Come in and see us for a test drive (we currently have a few pieces in our St Paul cooking school to try). Or see the assortment here available for purchase.