Hayden Flour Mills is at Cooks

Hayden Flour Mills is devoted to growing pre-industrial grains with traditional methods on the same lands where the grains originally flourished. The producers at Hayden Flours are reviving grain from the ground up, driven by the belier that you don’t have to settle for anything less that great grain. By bringing back a time when flour was minimally processed and bursting with flavor. All flours are freshly stone milled in small batches to preserve the natural oils and nutrients by their Master Miller…now that’s keeping your nose to the grindstone!

Pizza Flour:
Making pizza dough at home is easy and fun for the whole family. Hayden Pizza Flour is the perfect blend of freshly milled Hard Red Fife, White Sonora, and Semolina Flours, for pizza crust that’s smooth in texture, golden in color and rich in flavor.
Yes, let’s toss ’em high!

Pastry Flour:
Made with White Sonora Wheat, which is the oldest wheat variety in North America, and known for its natural sweetness, and creamy color. It is also known to the Italians as “Type 00”, which means it is the most finely sifted flour that we carry. A fine sifted flour is perfect for silky textures in baking cakes, pastries and handmade pasta and can also be used for pizza crust. Delicious!

Pasta Flour:
Hayden Mills Pasta flour is the perfect blend of freshly milled White Sonora and Heritage Semolina Flours resulting in pasta that is both silky and structured in texture. Nonna would be happy!

You can learn to make pizzas and homemade pasta in many of our cooking classes.