Classic Cocktail Hour

To welcome the Holidays of 2020, boy, they sure have been a long time coming, haven’t they?! We find ourselves returning to the Classics. We yearn for the pull of tradition. Simpler times … a roaring fire, Bing Crosby and Mary Clooney, beef tenderloin and a good, old fashioned baked potato with real butter, sour cream and chives …

To start the evening, we’re thinking a real deal Old Fashioned. One made with a good rye whiskey, a big rock of ice, served in a glass that actually fits in your hand. Something Gramps would enjoy.

The old fashioned is to whiskey, what the martini is to gin. Smooth, clean and, well, classic.

Here’s what you need:
1 sugar cube (or 1/2 teaspoon sugar)
2 to 3 dashes ​bitters, Dashfire
2 ounces ​bourbon or rye whiskey
Muddle: Orange peel
Garnish: Griottines Cherries

It starts with a sugar cube, softened with bitters, muddled with orange peel, stirred with rye whiskey, chilled with a single big cube of ice and garnished with a few maraschino cherries. Never, Never forget the cherries!

Ah… Classic. Cheers to you Gramps. Sure do miss you.

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