Chemex Classic Pour Over

The best part of the day for many of us is a morning cuppa Joe. A really good cup of coffee. Move over, Starbucks and Keurig, analog is back and the iconic Chemex pour over system is everything we all need for simply the best cuppa Joe and best design. It’s truly a form meeting function. Created with a focus on coffee making technology as well as design, The Chemex has been recognized by the scientific and design communities, and has a permanent home at the Museum of Modern Art.

So, enjoy the Chemex in between other art exhibits, or from the comfort of your own kitchen, it doesn’t matter- just get your day started and look good while doing it.

The story began in 1941, when the CHEMEX® Coffeemaker was invented by Dr. Peter Schlumbohm PhD to brew the PERFECT cup of coffee. Since that time, the CHEMEX has spanned generations and the globe as an icon of American design.

CHEMEX® coffeemakers are made from the same high quality glass used for lab ware. It is beautifully clear and imparts no flavors or chemicals into your brewed coffee. Each coffeemaker is inspected, polished and hand tied by one of our team, before getting boxed up for shipping.

CHEMEX® Bonded filters are based on laboratory paper and designed to remove bad fats, bitterness, acidity and sediments that all other types of filters leave behind. Each filter is cut in house, on a machine that is operated by one of our team. The filter paper is manufactured in the USA and uses only USA materials, adhering to responsible and sustainable practices.

History and craft are embedded in the makeup. At the CHEMEX® factory located in Massachusetts, they still inspect, polish and hand-tie each coffeemaker and cut every filter – just as they always have.
Led by a brother and sister who grew up on the factory floor, CHEMEX® Corporation is made up of a team of people who are passionate about bringing superior brewing equipment to the global community.

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