He’s always around and folks are always curious. Yup, he’s a straight-up, standard poodle. He’s obsessed with anything small that’s rooting around the yard: squirrels, rabbits, Apollo, the neighbor’s cat. He’s smart as a whip and more than a little bossy. Because KB and Marie are pretty consistently on the move, it’s always been easier to just bring Charlie along for the ride. He likes the ride — literally. Anytime KB gets in the car, Charlie is ready. The back seat is eternally folded down, and the nose skids on the rear window never go away. There’s even a dog bed in the wayback. The car is his happy place — head out the window, wind blowing through his hair and nose, or curled up in a tight ball, breathing heavy. Tagging along is much better than sitting at home, alone, waiting for his peeps. Besides, the team in the office is more than willing to take him for a walk to the bank or Jimmy John’s. Then back to the office for a quick sniff of everyone’s garbage can and a long nap on the bed under Marie’s desk. It is truly a dog’s life. We should all be so lucky!