The Bellecour Bakery at Cooks exclusive newsletter

Bonjour! Whether you came from a Cooks location or was a fan of the Bellecour Bakery when it was in Wayzata, MN we want to say Welcome! We’ve been working on a communication for our Bellecour Bakery exclusives for our pastry-lovin’ folks.

That means getting early updates to the menu, preorder seasonal items early, and most importantly get the inside scoop on all things Bellecour Bakery. We’ll keep you updated 2 to 3 times a week with all the goods. Let’s chat soon, oui~

Here is a sample of all the seasonal crêpe cakes that the Bellecour Bakery at Cooks has created. And now you are on the fast track to finding out what comes next — first!

For more about Bellecour Bakery, click here.