Be safe and we’ll see you soon.

Hello, Neighbors.
Wow. Who could have imagined that it would ever get to this point? It kind of boggles the mind. In the interest of the safety of our Team and the Community that we Love, we have decided to close our stores and cancel cooking classes through April 10, 2020.

In the meantime, our website is open for business. It’s always a great spot for culinary inspiration, gift certificates and seats in future classes. If you have a minute, check out our Blog — it’s pretty sweet.

We’ll continue to stay connected via email and social media.

Keep yourself and your family safe. Treat every day like it’s Sunday — make simple dinners from pantry staples. Teach yourself to make biscuits. Bake chocolate chip cookies. It might be gloomy outside, but your kitchen table should always be a place of wonderful comfort.

All of our best wishes and support,
Karl, Marie and the entire Cooks Family