Bakery Staff Picks

Diane: Mini-Macaron Ice Cream

“I spend most days working with and being surrounded by pastries. They’re all good. But, I’m looking forward to warmer weather when I can dig into a bowl of Bellecour Mini-Macaron Ice Cream. See you in June!”

Andrea: Mimosa To Go

“Aside from the Prosecco, the OJ is the real star of the show in this Mimosa … it’s fresh squeezed and tastes like vacation!”

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Charlie: Pastries

“Truth be told, I love a tasty and diverse platter of Bellecour pastries. My only real consideration is when will everyone’s attention be distracted, so I can jump up and dig in!”

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Sara: Salmon Tartine

“I love how the rich and savory flavor of the salmon is balanced with the fresh cream cheese and aromatic dill. Not to mention that it almost looks too good to eat!”

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Susie: Turkey Wrap

“I’m in love with sandwiches snuggly cousin — the wrap!  Thanks to Chefs Elaine and Alex, every bite is packed with flavor. From the sun-dried tomatoes to the roasted red peppers to the turkey to the balsamic glaze with a touch of Maldon salt, it’s delicious.”

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Brian: Quiche

“I am always looking for the savory end of breakfast items and the quiche hits the spot EVERY TIME. The combination of the wilted spinach, velvety eggs and buttery flaky crust is spectacular!”

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Alex: Thai Power Bowl

“I picked the Thai Power Bowl because I love the fresh herbs and bright, summer-y flavors.”

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Ericka: Deviled Eggs

“I really like the deviled eggs! They are fun, unexpected and delicious.”

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Karl: Dorothy’s Coffee + Kouign Amann

“Heck, I drive from St. Paul to get coffee here almost every day. If she were still around, I’d even ask Gavin’s grandma over for a cup, with a KA dunk, because it’s THAT GOOD!”

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Elaine: Wild Rice Soup

“A rich and decadent classic soup with great vegetables in the mix. And we proudly feature delicious Minnesota wild rice.”

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Michael: Banana Bread

“The banana bread is so good warmed up. I like spreading our Sweet Crop Share Butter on every slice!” 

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Cate: Gluten-Free Muffin

“I love the muffin! It tastes like carrot cake, which is my favorite type of cake. And I also love the crunchy topping.”

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